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North East Biodiversity Forum publications

Biodiversity Audit of the North East coverBiodiversity Audit of the North East





Tragets cover     Biodiversity Indicators and Targets for the North East 




Delivery Plan for North East Biodiversity Targets

Real Life Matters - what biodiversity does for you

Making a Difference to Life - biodiversity and you

Set of 7 biodiversity posters

North East Biodiversity Forum Update Bulletins

North East Biodiversity Forum Update Bulletin No.1 - October 2006

North East Biodiversity Forum Update Bulletin No.2 - May 2007

North East Biodiversity Forum Update Bulletin No.3 - September 2007

Key Regional Strategies

North East Strategy for the Environment (NESE) - North East Environment Forum

Integrated Regional Framework - Sustaine

Guidance on Implementing NERC Act Section 40 ('The Biodiversity Duty')

Guidance for Public Authoritities (Defra 2007)

Guidance for Local Authorities (Defra 2007)

Planning and Biodiversity

Planning Policy Statement 9 on Biodiversity and Geological Conservation

Government Circular accompanying PPS9

PPS9 Good Practice Guide

Local Sites:  Guidance on their identification, selection, and management (Defra)

Bat Surveys for Development Proposals in North East England (English Nature Northumbria Team)

Environmental Quality in Spacial Planning: Guidance in the prepartion of Regional Spatial Strategies and Local Development Frameworks

Environmental Quality in Spacial Planning:  Supplementary Files

Planning for Biodiversity - Opportunity Mapping and Habitat Networks in Practice: A Technical Guide (English Nature Research Report 687)

Biodiversity Duty Information Note

List of Public Bodies 2006

Framework for Biodiversity: Integrating Biodiversity into Local Development Frameworks (Association of Local Government Ecologists, 2005)

Biodiversity and Climate Change

Conserving biodiversity in a changing climate: guidance on building capacity to adapt (Defra/UK Biodiversity partnership, 2007)

Economic Value of Biodiversity

Valuing the Environment of the North East of England (2001)

Valuing the Benefits for Biodiversity (Economics and Funding Strategic Implementation Group, 2007)

Biodiversity and Communities

Final Report of Chester-le-Street Biodiversity and Community Strategies Project (Durham Biodiversity Partnership)

Sustainable Communities: A shared agenda, a share of the action.  A Guide for Local Authorities (Defra/LGA)

Life-Support: Incorperating biodiversity into Community Strategies (Defra)

Biodiversity in Local Area Agreements (LAAs)

Delivering Sustainable Communities with LAAs

Local Area Agreements - Defra support pack for Round 3

Biodiversity and Land Management

Making Contracts Work for Wildlife: How to Encourage Biodiversity in Urban Parks (CABE)

Promoting land management in the NHS to support local biodiversity.  Government Office South West

Monitoring Biodiversity

Guidance on site condition assessment monitoring condition of non-statutory grassland sites (English Nature)