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Aims and Objectives

Our overall aim of the North East Biodiversity Forum is:

‘To support, encourage and positively influence the conservation and enhancement of biological diversity as a strategic issue in North East England’

 To achieve this we will work to:

  • Gain wide recognition of the contribution that biodiversity makes to the economy, health, culture, image, and quality of life in the North East of England
  • Promote the conservation of biodiversity as being a crucial componant of sustainable development and a measure of environmental health - put bluntly, if we are still loosing our plants, animals and habitats then we are not living sustainably
  • Strive to fully integrate of the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity into land-use planning and land management
  • Increase the availability of - and access to - the high quality biodiversity data needed to assist in decision making, for example by working with others to achieve the setting-up of a Regional Environmental Records Centre
  • Ensure sustainable funding for local and regional delivery of biodiversity and coordination of local and regional Biodiversity Action Plan delivery
  • Continue to identify regional priorities for biodiversity action and support the development of projects and initiatives that deliver these
  • Act as a single voice representing the agreed opinion of biodiversity organisations in the region
  • Support partners in their efforts to involve people in their enjoyment and appreciation of the natural world
  • Promote action by everyone - whether they be individuals, businesses, Government Agencies or Local Authorities - to help conserve and enhance the biodiversity of the North East

Our work is guided by the UK Biodiversity Action Plan process and by the objectives and actions set out in Working with the Grain of Nature:  A Biodiversity Strategy for England.