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Biodiversity Links

UK BAP Process

UK Biodiversity Action Plan

The main website for the UK BAP.  The site includes details of the national Action Plans and contact details for local BAPs.  Also useful is the library of publications

Defra England Biodiversity Strategy page

Background to the England Biodiversity Strategy.

Defra Biodiversity page

Visit the site of the Government Department with responsibility for Biodiversity

Securing Biodiversity: A new framework for delivering priority habitats and species in England

Details of a new framework for delivery of the UK BAP launched in December 2008

Biodiversity Action Reporting System (BARS)

BARS is an information system that supports the planning, monitoring and reporting requirements of national, local and company Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPs). It also allows users to learn about the progress being made with local and national BAPs.

International Biodiversity

International Convention on Biodiversity

The International Convention on Biological Diversity was signed by world leaders at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit.  This is the homepage for the Convention Secretriat.

Countdown 2010

The EU Gothenburg Summit committed Heads of State to halting the decline in biodiversity by 2010.

Countdown 2010 have also produced The BioDaversity Code a short spoof of the Da Vinci Code promoting the importance of global biodiversity.

European Union Biodiversity Page

Everything you ever wanted to know about the EU's biodiversity policy

Biodiversity Data online

NBN gateway

The National Biodiversity Network gateway allows you to view distribution maps and download UK wildlife data by using a variety of interactive tools.

Nature on the Map

English Nature's interactive map site.  You can search for the location of protected sites and semi-natural habitats.


MAGIC is the first web-based interactive map to bring together information on key environmental schemes and designations in one place.

Arkive - images of life on Earth

ARKive is developing as a large digital library of natural history films and photographs featuring endangered species, as well as an audio-visual record of Britain's biodiversity

North East Wildlife

Free nature history images for registered charities, schools, Coutryside Teams etc. 

Flora of the North East

The website allows you to view distribution maps for the flowers of the North East, contact local BSBI recorders and contains an online key to help with plant identification.

Exploring Your Environment (EYE) Project

The EYE project enables people to play an active role in recording the wildlife of the North East.  The website gives details of wildlife in the region and enanbles sightings to be recorded online.

Business and Biodiversity

Business and Biodiversity Resource Centre

Comprehensive on-line Buiness and Biodiverity resource

Biodiversity and Development

Integrating Biodiversity into Development

A guide for planners, developers andthose considering building works produced by the Essex Biodiversity Partnership

BRANCH Project

Using spatial planning to aloow wildlife to adapt to climate change 

Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management's Guidelines for Ecological Impact Assessment in the UK

The Guidelines provide a recommended procedure for the ecological component of Environmental Impact Assessment and set standards for the assessment of the ecological impact of projects and plans. 

Green Infastructure Planning Guide

The aim of this Planning Guide is to provide a method by which those interested and involved in pushing forward the development of green infrastructure planning on the ground might develop their own green infrastructure plans.

Neighbourhoods Green

A project aimed at highlingting the importnace of greenspaces to residence of social housing and and to raise the quality of their design, management and safe use within social housing providers.

Wildlife Crime and Wildlife Legislation

Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (PAW)

A multi-agency body comprising representatives of all the organisations involved in wildlife law enforcement in the UK. Pages include downloadable contact list for local Police Wildlife Crime Officers


Naturenet is the the UK's most popular independent countryside and conservation website. It contains useful summaries of wildlife legislation.

The North East Biodiversity Forum is not responsible for the content of external weblinks