North East Wetland Feasibility Study

The North East Wetland Feasibility Study is a partnership project between the Environment Agency and the RSPB.  The Study uses GIS to assess a range of data – relating to hydrology, topography, soils, geology and biodiversity – in order to identify areas in North East England that have the potential for wetland restoration or creation. The Study also includes an assessment of potential constraints such as transport infrastructure and landfill sites.

The main output of the GIS exercise is a series of maps identifying areas in all the river catchments within the North East where wetland restoration or creation would be feasible: these are shown in Appendix III of the Study.  The Study also identifies a number of priority areas for wetland restoration.

The Environment Agency and the RSPB hope that the mapping will be an important tool for the location and design of wetland projects within the North East, and will contribute to the restoration or creation of UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) wetland habitats.